Beginner’s Guide to Value Investing and Intrinsic Value, From the Top Investors

Updated – 12/6/23 Value investing is all about finding stocks trading at a discount to their intrinsic value. Investors have used this strategy for decades to find outsized returns; the very best have outperformed the market with this strategy. In a 90-year-long study done by Merrill Lynch, it was determined that value stocks returned an […]

IFB223: Investing Close to Retirement and REITs 101

Welcome to the Investing for Beginners podcast. In today’s show, we discuss: *How to think about investing at an older age, 63, for example *Defining REITs, and a REIT 101 *How to analyze REITs and some of the ups and downs of investing in this asset class For more insight like this into investing and […]

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