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The Sather Research eLetter


  • Monthly buy/sell recommendations
  • Follows a real money portfolio
  • Value Trap Indicator score with each buy
  • Safer stocks strategy for peace of mind
  • Shared interest in success. I’m with you.

Fat Pitch Fundamentals

  • Asset allocation newsletter for stocks and bonds
  • Focus on lower portfolio volatility
  • For shorter investment horizons or lower risk appetite
  • Healthy balance of risk and reward for bonds
  • Buying equities with a margin of safety.

The Value Trap Indicator Book

value trap indicator

  • How to master the fundamentals of investing
  • Identify the investor’s biggest threat and avoid it
  • Full explanation of the Value Trap Indicator
  • Analysis: 12 biggest bankruptcies of the 21st Century
  • Remove the fear of investing to create fantastic returns

The Investing for Beginners Master Class

  • Personal finance and investing basics
  • In-depth lessons made simple
  • Logical progression through the material
  • Valuations and financials explained
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Doctor Budget Spreadsheet

  • Get REAL results with a budget
  • How to correctly plan for expenses
  • Easy (and quick!) to use template
  • Reveal money pits instantly
  • Investor focus to maximize compounding of wealth