Should Dividends Be Reinvested? Handy Andy’s Lessons!

If you’re asking me, “should dividends be reinvested?” then I am telling you that the answer is always a resounding YES! Now, if you’re asking me if those dividends should be reinvested back into the same stock that earned those dividends, that is a much different question! But don’t worry, I’m here to help cut […]

IFB163: Dividends, Diversification, and Reflections on the Approach

Announcer (00:00): You’re tuned in to the Investing for Beginners podcast. Finally, step by step premium investment guidance for beginners led by Andrew Sather and Dave Ahern. To decode industry jargon, silence crippling confusion, and help you overcome emotions by looking at the numbers, your path to financial freedom starts now. Dave (00:36): All right, […]