A Flexible CAGR Formula Excel Tool for Planning Your Chaotic Life

Have you ever thought it’d be nice to have an Excel formula to calculate the CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) on your investments? After all, they move unpredictably rather than in a perfectly straight line. This post has a CAGR formula Excel spreadsheet to help investors plan their future—even when things don’t go exactly according […]

NEWSFLASH: Data Showing That It’s OK to Buy High, Sell Low

Would you rather buy low, sell high, or buy high, sell low? Obviously, we’d all like to buy low and sell high, but sometimes that desire makes us believe that doing the opposite is so wrong. Well, today, let’s debunk that idea using real data from the S&P 500. I think you’ll find this very […]

Masterclass Roundtable with Braden & Simon from The Canadian Investor Podcast

Welcome to the Investing for Beginners podcast! Today’s episode, we will be joined by the hosts and good friends from the Canadian Investor podcast, Braden Dennis and Simon Belanger to talk with us in a kind of a masterclass session in each of their favorite companies. Listen on and get a crash course in knowing […]

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