Retire 42% Richer with Lower Management Fees!

The rise of exchange traded funds (ETF) have made the landscape of investment products much more competitive but there are still far too many investors out there paying inappropriately high management fees! Investment products with high management fees can have a detrimental impact on retirement returns as they will diminish the compounding effect of wealth. […]

Average Gross Profit Margin by Industry – 22 Years of Data [S&P 500]

Updated 4/21/2023 Gross profit margin is one of the three main margin formulas in a company’s income statement, which measures a company’s efficiency in creating profitability. Gross profit margin, or “Gross Margin”, is basically how profitable a product or service is before you account for the operating costs, taxes, and interest payments to run the […]

IFB273: Banking Crisis Averted/Building a Portfolio/Performance Compared to the S&P500

Welcome to the Investing for Beginner’s podcast! Today’s episode, we will answer great listener questions which are really diverse and not related to each other. We will discuss our thoughts about the SVB crisis, how to do portfolio allocation and Andrew’s e-letter performance so listen on! Timestamps of the episode: -You don’t have to have […]

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