Brian Feroldi Discusses the Importance of Earnings + Much More

Welcome to the Investing for Beginners podcast! Today’s episode we will be having a returning guest of the show for the third time! Brian Feroldi is back to discuss with us all about earnings call, how to approach position sizing, handle you own biases and more. Listen on as Brian’s concise way of explaining things will surely leave you valuable insights to hold on to.

Timestamps of the episode:

-Brian talks about free sources to listen/access earnings call of companies you own and follow. [02:05]

-Why pay attention to earnings in the first place? [06:07]

-How to approach listening to earnings call if there’s a lot of companies to keep tabs to. [07:18]

-Brian share his thoughts on position sizing and beginning a starter position. [09:45]

-Andrew talks about sunk cost fallacy and how this investing bias will cost you more than you intended to. [16:35]

-Differentiating between a good and bad investing decision. [19:29]

-Brian discusses Warren Buffet’s investing checklist and how it will help individual investors stomach volatility. [22:58]

-How to decide what type of investor are you? [30:00]

-Learning accounting is a must and Brian emphasizes how crucial it is to learn the language of investing. [32:50]

-Brian takes a stab on Patrick O’Shaughnessy tweet on choosing three stocks to teach investing and shares his picks. [36:25]

Note: Timestamps may differ and are approximate, depending on your podcast player.

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Seeking alpha-,


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