Building a Diversified Portfolio: Exploring ETFs and Comparing Different Areas with Long-Time Listener Ali

Welcome back to another episode of The Investing For Beginners Podcast! In today’s episode, we have a special guest joining us, Ali, a dedicated listener and newer investor who has some interesting insights to share. Ali began investing in 2021, focusing on building an emergency fund before diving into the world of stocks and ETFs. We’ll discover Ali’s investment strategy, including his approach to diversification, his thoughts on international investing, and his preference for certain sectors. Ali also reveals his risk tolerance and the factors that influence his investment decisions.

00:00:34 Thankful for the podcast, started investing in 2019.
00:05:03 Follow portfolio picks, with a few exceptions.
00:07:04 Hopeful for growth, no bonds for now.
00:09:50 Took a risk investing in dogecoin.
00:13:11 Good outlook for Texas Instruments, unsure about TSM.
00:18:49 Expense ratio crucial; wary of international investing.
00:21:00 Stick with what I know, but international opportunities exist.
00:24:00 More international companies on NYSE/Nasdaq desired.
00:27:38 Good idea, like your financial future journey?
00:32:27 Interest rates drive demand for treasury bonds.
00:35:20 Questions about using government website for bond investments.
00:36:49 Bond funds buy bonds of different maturities.
00:41:06 Personal question. My take: Feraldi’s graphic on Twitter shows stock market probabilities. Bonds and stocks affected by interest rates. Stocks driving index.
00:45:35 Options for $2,000: T-bills or savings accounts.
00:47:47 T bills are liquid, bank accounts are slow.
00:51:52 Optimize investment or optimize pick? Time matters.
00:53:48 Thank you Ali for your time. Appreciate.

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