Building Knowledge, One Company at a Time: Tips for Studying and Analyzing Businesses with Chit Chat Money

In this episode of The Investing For Beginners Podcast, Dave and Andrew are joined by Ryan and Brett from Chit Chat Money. They dive into their journey of learning about finance and investing, the importance of valuation, the benefits of becoming a shareholder, and the value of focusing on specific industries. They also discuss their recent podcast themes, the impact of biases on investing decisions, and the shift towards finding businesses with durable growth and profitability. Tune in to gain valuable insights and tips for your investment journey.

00:00:39 Ryan’s funny investment journey with inheritance money.
00:03:24 Learning finance basics, evolving strategy over time.
00:08:13 Investors can overpay for businesses; rarity matters.
00:12:38 We consider diversification in industry and factors.
00:15:41 Visa is safer, smaller position for portfolio.
00:18:45 Don’t buy too many stocks when starting.
00:19:35 Get involved as a shareholder for learning.
00:24:04 Position sizing: started at 6%, flexible range.
00:25:59 Biweekly ranking helps identify biases in decisions.
00:31:34 Podcast helps avoid bias by diversifying research.
00:35:31 Do thorough research on watch-list companies.
00:38:30 Monthly themed episodes explore repurchases and fallen angels, highlighting honesty in business.
00:39:39 Focus on specific sectors, like Fintech or airlines.
00:43:36 Join us for fun, knowledge, and follow

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