Buy Side Work in M&A: The Hunt for the Perfect Acquisition and Navigating Negotiation Challenges with Bill Snow

Welcome to another episode of The Investing For Beginners Podcast! In today’s episode, we dive into the fascinating world of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and explore the intricacies of buying and selling businesses. We discuss the impact of the pandemic on the economy, the importance of timing in the market, and the role of microeconomic factors in M&A deals. Bill Snow shares valuable insights on the chemistry between buyers and sellers, the art of negotiation, as well as the complexities of valuation. Join us as we uncover the strategies, challenges, and opportunities in the world of M&A. So grab your headphones, get ready to learn, and let’s dive right into the episode!

00:02:56 Business deals depend on the parties involved.
00:04:50 Buyers in middle market acquire smaller companies.
00:07:46 Low-interest rates were destructive for fixed-income retirees.
00:14:01 Negotiation is essential, not about bluffing. Stop reading business books. Play poker to learn. Understand others’ strong hands. Compromise for a mutually beneficial deal.
00:19:31 Chemistry and clarity are essential in deals.
00:22:21 Buy side difficult: search, negotiate, finance. PE calls lacking good companies, owner expectations. Supply-side M&A, demand, inflation from excess capital.
00:25:53 Pandemic impact exaggerated, market timing impossible. M&A depends on company strength.
00:30:01 PE firms compete in bidding for companies. Only one will be selected. Factors like bid amount, structure, and simplicity affect selection. Investment bankers use tools like Capital IQ to create buyer’s lists. Keeping contact info and criteria updated increases chances of being included. PE firms should stay engaged and ready for opportunities.
00:32:20 Buyers want perfect companies, but don’t exist. PE firms track many deals for appearance.
00:36:07 Sometimes there are frustrating moments in the buisiness process. Creating a buyer’s list and sending a blind teaser to approved buyers is part of the process. If the buyers are interested, they sign a confidentiality agreement and receive the full book. Initial offers are made based on the information in the book. Meetings are held with potential buyers and a letter of intent is requested. Due diligence is conducted, followed by the purchase agreement and closing of the transaction. Some buyers may not respond or provide a reason for passing on the opportunity. Serious buyers are characterized by their preparation and detailed questions in meetings.
00:41:32 Finding buyers is easy; getting a good deal is hard.
00:44:07 Deep dive into buying a company, valuation details.

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