Back to Basics: Avoiding Financial Statement Yellow Flags

In this podcast episode, Andrew and Dave discuss “yellow flags” in investing, such as leadership changes, negative events, financial concerns, and slowing revenue growth. They use real-world examples like PayPal, Microsoft, and Square to illustrate the impact on company trajectory and emphasize the importance of observing these indicators for informed decisions. 00:00 Yellow flags could […]

Back to Basics: Understanding Efficient Markets for Beginners

[00:00:00] – Welcome to another episode of the Investing for Beginners Podcast. In today’s installment of our “Back to the Basics” series, hosts Andrew and Dave dive into the topic of efficient markets. What exactly is the Efficient Market Hypothesis, and how does it influence your investment strategy? Our hosts break down the theory, explore […]

Back to Basics: The Best Way to Read a 10k

Welcome to The Investing For Beginners Podcast! In this episode titled “How to read a 10-K,” Dave and Andrew dive deep into the world of annual reports, discussing the critical role a 10-K plays in helping investors understand a company’s performance and risks. They share their approaches to navigating complex financial information, filtering companies based […]

Back to Basics: Essential Portfolio Maintenance for Investors

Welcome to “The Investing For Beginners Podcast!” In today’s episode, “Portfolio Maintenance,” hosts Andrew and Dave explore strategies for building and maintaining an investment portfolio. They address the market’s unpredictability and the difficulty of forecasting leading companies, emphasizing the importance of considering age, time horizon, and risk tolerance. They discuss balancing growth potential with risk, […]

Back to Basics: Effective Tools for Tracking Your Investment Performance

In this episode of The Investing For Beginners Podcast, hosts Dave and Andrew discuss how to manage investment portfolios effectively while avoiding market noise. They offer strategies for monitoring investments over time, using tools like Seeking Alpha and Bamsec for updates, and setting up company alerts for firsthand information. The discussion emphasizes focusing on essential […]

Back to Basics: Essential Tools for Investors

Welcome to another episode of The Investing For Beginners Podcast. I’m your host, Dave, joined by Andrew. Today, we’re exploring essential tools every stock picker needs, from Excel to advanced platforms like Bamsec and Finchat IO. We’ll discuss how these tools aid in understanding business operations, verifying financial data, and making informed investment decisions. Andrew […]

Back to Basics: Using Time Horizons to Your Investment Advantage

Welcome back to another episode of The Investing For Beginners Podcast. Today, hosts Dave and Andrew dive deep into the individual investor’s unique advantage over the professional sphere, focusing on the power of time horizon. Tune in as they unravel how personal investment goals differ fundamentally from institutional objectives, and how that structural freedom can […]

Back to Basics: Portfolio Sizing and Diversification Strategies

Dave: Welcome, listeners, to The Investing For Beginners Podcast. Today’s discussion, “Back to the Basics” delves into the intricacies of portfolio sizing and diversification.Andrew: We’ll explore traditional and contemporary thoughts on portfolio structure, the role of diversification, and the influence of market trends on investment choices.Dave: Plus, insights on position sizing: when to start small, […]

Back to Basics: Identifying Value Traps and Bankruptcy Signals

Welcome to a new episode of The Investing For Beginners Podcast where we continue our engaging Back to the Basics series. Join us every Thursday for insightful discussions on foundational investment topics. This week, we dive into the murky waters of bankruptcies and value traps, helping you navigate these treacherous scenarios in the investing world. […]

Back to Basics: Understanding Mr. Market’s Behavior for Successful Investing

Welcome back to another episode of The Investing For Beginners Podcast, where we dive deep into the essentials of investing to help you become a savvier market participant. Today, we’re continuing our “Back to the Basics” series with a fascinating discussion about the concept of Mister Market, a term coined by Benjamin Graham, the mentor […]

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