Back to the Basics: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

Dave: Hello, everyone, and welcome to The Investing for Beginners Podcast. I’m Dave.

Andrew: And I’m Andrew. Today’s episode is “Shoulders of Giants.wav,” where we explore the invaluable lessons from the world’s most renowned investors.

Dave: We’ll cover why brands like Google and Amazon act as “moats,” protecting businesses just like Charlie Munger and Warren Buffett always remind us, and how these moats contribute to the companies’ long-term successes.

Andrew: Plus, we’re talking about the investor’s mindset—patience, temperance, and reading your way to success, just like the greats.

Dave: So, if you’re ready to build your investment knowledge, join us as we stand on the shoulders of giants.

Andrew: Let’s get into it.

00:00 Collaboration in music and investing brings success.
04:57 Long-term business focus over short-term stocks.
09:43 Amazon’s brand brings joy and convenience.
13:39 Charlie Munger’s investment philosophy and advice.
14:33 Focus on quality, not mediocre businesses. Trust.
20:51 Limit financial news exposure to prevent emotion.
22:07 Avoid sensational news, remove trigger apps, pause.
26:32 Explore biographies of historical and modern figures.
30:45 Find interesting books, avoid boring ones.
32:16 Focus on safety. Have a great week!

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