IFB300: Listener Q&A – Finding Tax Documents & Our Favorite Financial Websites

Welcome to the Investing for Beginners podcast! Today’s episode, we have another great round of listener questions coming from Spotify! Questions in this episode encompasses a wide range of topics-from taxes to financial growth metrics- all are covered and discussed in a simple way Dave and Andrew are known for so listen on!

Timestamps of the episode:

-How to file your taxes in investing. It’s easier than it sounds. [01:50]

-Reliable sources of financial metrics and how to use them as each one has its own use cases. [03:23]

-Don’t overthink it and just dive in. Start investing as early as possible. [10:00]

-What to do after your first investing failure. Spoiler: It will open a whole pandoras box of questions in becoming a better investor. [14:30]

-Talking about different ETF’s on index funds and why its a good starting point for beginner investors.[19:00]

-Metrics to consider in measuring a businesses’ growth. [21:45]

-How different growth rates depend on which life cycle a business is. [25:37]

-Why return on equity (ROE) is a good growth metric to use in increasing shareholder returns. [28:10]

-Always remember there is no one metric that fits all. Dave discusses the pitfalls of ROE. [34:44]

Note: Timestamps may differ and are approximate, depending on your podcast player.

Sources mentioned in the episode:

Stratosphere- http://www.stratosphere.io

Quick fs- https://quickfs.net

Seekingalpha- https://seekingalpha.com

Finviz- https://finviz.com

BamSEC- https://www.bamsec.com

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