IFB315: Listener Q&A – Analyzing Rivian, Will They Become the Next Tesla in the Electric Vehicle Market?

Welcome to another episode of The Investing For Beginners Podcast! In today’s episode, hosts Dave and Andrew dive deep into the world of electric vehicle companies, focusing on the intriguing case of Rivian and its potential to become a major player in the industry. They analyze the factors that may hinder or boost Rivian’s success, drawing comparisons to the renowned Tesla. With insights on market competition, financial considerations, and the importance of believing in a company’s story, Dave and Andrew provide valuable advice for investors navigating this dynamic landscape.

00:02:49 Huge IPO success for car company without revenue.
00:05:27 Rivian may be falling behind Tesla, Ford.
00:09:44 Less than 1% electric cars on road.
00:12:02 High-risk stock requires belief in execution.
00:14:13 Infrastructure built 15 years ago drives Tesla.
00:18:54 Company generated cash from going public, but faces future dilution and need for more capital to grow.
00:22:25 Rivian benefits from Tesla’s groundwork on EVs.
00:25:48 Tesla may have provided a blueprint for Rivian’s success.
00:30:04 Limited portfolio exposure suggested for smaller company.
00:33:40 Investing in many companies to find success.
00:35:03 Not a fan, but I respect them.

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