IFB345: Listener Q&A – How to Utilize the 4% Rule for Lasting Wealth

Welcome back to The Investing for Beginners Podcast. In today’s episode 345, we’re tackling your pressing questions on making the most out of your investments and preparing for a comfortable retirement. First off, a big shoutout to Enrique, one of our long-time listeners, for a thought-provoking query on the 4% rule and the smartest withdrawal strategies for a sustainable retirement. Also, Enrique, Andrew truly appreciates your marathon training tip—yes, he survived the race! Then, we move on to Martin’s dilemma about the staggering expense charges on his educator 403B account. You’ll get our take on navigating the world of fees that could chip away at your nest egg and explore alternative investment strategies that align with your financial future. Are hefty fees eating into your retirement funds?

00:00 4% rule: living from stock market gains.
04:15 Consider tax implications when managing retirement accounts.
07:26 Retirement planning expert can improve financial outlook.
10:03 IRA comes in two flavors for taxes.
13:59 Max out Roth IRA, consider long-term fees.
15:56 Watch out for high expense ratios when investing.

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