Sales, AI, and Entrepreneurship: A Conversation with Braden Dennis of

Dave: Hello, eager investors! Welcome back to The Investing For Beginners Podcast. I’m Dave.
Andrew: And I’m Andrew. In today’s episode, we’re thrilled to welcome Braden Dennis, the innovative mind behind Finchat, a pioneering firm at the intersection of AI and equity research.
Dave: Braden’s going to share the origin story of Finchat, the significance of fundamental research in investing, and how the company is transforming financial data accessibility for professional investors.
Andrew: He’s not just a founder; Braden is a testament to the power of passion and grit in entrepreneurship. Starting from simple no-code tools, he has grown Finchat into a partner of multi-billion dollar hedge funds.
Dave: From the potential of AI to change the business landscape to the challenges of startup funding, Braden’s insights are invaluable. And for those wondering about entering the tech world without coding expertise, he has some game-changing advice.
Andrew: Prepare for a wealth of knowledge on tech investments, market bubbles, and the entrepreneurial spirit. Let’s dive right in with Braden Dennis.

00:00 Always knew I was passionate about success.
06:17 Investors share data and insights online analysis.
09:36 Chemical engineer turns to online stock trading.
13:35 Compete for attention, stand out by asking.
15:55 Co-founder impressed by success with poor product.
20:24 LinkedIn post goes viral, touts Finchat over Bloomberg.
23:12 Venturing into high risk for big returns.
27:37 AI redefining equity research for professional investors.
28:46 Request graphs and lists for retrieval purposes.
32:48 Buffett ready for important decisions, advocating AI.
37:08 Tech company cash flow projections exceed expectations.
41:25 Investors must discern hype from real potential.
43:16 Start now, save money, be entrepreneurial. Find me @BradoCapital, Canadian Investor podcast, Finchat IO.
45:37 Sign off with emphasis on investing safely.

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