The Investing Journey: Insights from Jeff & Jason of Investing Unscripted

Welcome back to another episode of The Investing For Beginners Podcast – I’m Dave, here with Andrew, and today we’re thrilled to chat with two ace investors from the Smattering Show (now changed to Investing Unscripted) – Jeff Santoro, known on Twitter as Market Musician, and Jason Hall, whose handle is @_TheSmattering. Both are esteemed contributors at Motley Fool and bring a wealth of experience and unique perspectives to our discussion.

In this episode, Jeff talks about his evolution from a music teacher to an astute investor, emphasizing his research-intensive strategy and a careful approach that values input from diverse sources. He’s transparent about his growing investments and his significant stake in index funds.
On the flip side, Jason stresses the need to question investment theses rigorously and his preference for a mix of stable, dividend-paying companies and growth stocks. His narative on an investment that didn’t pan out provides a sobering lesson on risk and resilience.

Together, they’ll touch upon the psychological aspects of investing, the importance of having a disciplined strategy to avoid rash decisions, and the role of technology in today’s investing landscape.
This episode is not just about stock picks and strategies—it also delves into the critical topic of financial literacy, reflecting on its current state within the educational system.

Prepare for a mix of engaging stories, seasoned advice, and thoughtful reflections on the world of investing. Don’t miss out on this insightful conversation with Jeff and Jason. Let’s dive in!

Jason Hall Twitter(X) @TheSmattering

Jeff Santoro Twitter(X) @marketmusician

Investing Unscripted Twitter(X) @InvestingPod

Investing Unscripted

00:00 Realized lack of savings, found passion writing.
05:46 Morgan Household inspires through transformative business ventures.
09:10 Investing in familiar, big brand stocks over time.
11:56 Circuit City, CarMax stock surprise, profitable discovery.
14:33 Work busier = less urge to trade.
16:57 Managing urge to take action as investor.
21:17 Lesson in unexpected outcomes, diversification as protection.
23:58 Overbought stocks at high prices, learning from mistakes.
28:27 New to business, seeking input for growth.
31:39 Investing in stocks, diversifying, and focusing on stability.
35:36 Diminishing returns on knowing everything about business.
38:57 Wishing I knew the importance of starting early.
40:52 Supports teaching financial literacy in school and at home.
43:45 Podcast helped start investing journey during pandemic.

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