Decoding the Future: A Comprehensive Guide to Expectations Investing

Investing is not just about numbers and charts; it’s about understanding what those numbers represent and how the market interprets them. Expectations Investing by Alfred Rappaport and Michael Mauboussin offers a unique lens to view the investment landscape, focusing on discerning the future financial performance implied by current stock prices. This approach contrasts traditional investment […]

Innovator’s Dilemma: Unpacking Disruptive Innovation

The book, The Innovator’s Dilemma, by Clayton Christiansen, is a seminal investment literature book. It helps investors understand why new technologies cause great companies to fail. His book is cited by many great thought leaders, from Steve Jobs to Malcolm Gladwell. In today’s post, we will learn: Okay, let’s dive in and learn more about […]

Hidden Gems: A ‘Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits’ Book Summary

Updated 8/25/2023 I’ve been putting together some chapter summaries with key highlights for the book Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits by Phil Fisher.  It only makes sense for me to go through and highlight some of the key takeaways that I have had from reading and summarizing the book! 6 Key Takeaways 1- Create your […]

Warren Buffett Buys American Express

Updated 9/3/2023 American Express was one of the turning point investments for Warren Buffett. It began his path to becoming the investor he is now. Buffett’s buying of American Express was the first of “buying wonderful companies at fair prices.” Today, American Express is one of his largest positions; fifty-seven years later, he owns over […]

4 of the Best Value Investing Books Recommended by Top Investors

Updated 6/30/2023 So, you’ve reached the point in your investing career where you’re looking for the best value investing books out there for you to continue on your journey of expanding knowledge…congrats!  But come on – hasn’t anyone told you that books are old fashioned and boring?  I mean, they’re out of style just as […]

Irrational Exuberance: A Book Review

Updated 6/24/2023 Irrational exuberance refers to extreme behavior enthusiasm, often compared to the stock market and investor behavior. Typically, it means investors are excited and driving up stock prices regardless of the fundamentals supporting those increases. Irrational exuberance is the perfect analogy to illustrate the market reaction to the current Covid-19 pandemic, with many companies’ […]

8 Top Investing Podcasts

The simple podcast is one of the best resources for learning the ins and outs of the markets. You can use this simple form of learning on the go, doing homework, cleaning the home, or relaxing.  Podcasts allow you to focus on the many different aspects of the markets. Whether you are a beginner or […]

What is Andrew Sather’s Stock Market PDF All About?

Updated 4/21/2023 When done correctly, stock investing can lead to long-term wealth. But how do we start? Starting to invest can be a scary, intimidating process at first.  The learning curve to understand the stock market and putting money at risk scares most beginners away. But investing remains one of the safest ways to build […]

A Stock Market Basics PDF Written By a Self-Taught Investor [Free Download]

Updated 4/21/2023 Starting anything new is scary, and investing is no different. We all have the same questions, where to start? It may seem overwhelming, but millions invest, and you can too. As a newbie, you most likely have lots of questions, like: Back in the day, okay, 2004, Geico ran a set of commercials […]

The Secret Behind Warren Buffett’s Coca Cola Investment Revealed

Post Updated: 6/30/2023 When you look through the history of Warren Buffett’s career, you see a few key decisions that fueled so much compounding of capital. These include GEICO, American Express, the Washington Post… and of course, Coca Cola. In fact, Warren Buffett’s Coca Cola investment represented up to 40% of his portfolio in 1990; […]

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