IFB307: Buy When There Is Blood In The Street

Welcome to episode 307 of “The Investing For Beginners Podcast”! In today’s episode, Andrew and Dave will be diving into the topic of buying when there is blood in the street. With recent extreme volatility in the market, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to discuss how this can present an opportunity to buy or sell particular companies. We’ll be sharing our thought process on this matter and how you can leverage it in your own investing.

To kick things off, we’ll take a look back at a past event, specifically the banking industry crisis, and examine what lessons can be learned from it. We’ll also explore our personal reasons for not taking advantage of the situation and the role influential investors like Warren Buffett play in shaping investor sentiment. So get ready to gain valuable insights into navigating volatile markets and seizing the right investment opportunities. Let’s dive in!

00:01:44 Missed opportunity due to fear and lack of analysis during market turbulence.
00:03:13 Banks recovered, missed opportunity, uncertain future.
00:06:52 Research, understand, and make choices independently.
00:10:14 Buffett’s investment in banks and differing opinions.
00:13:34 Stock plunged, but still believe in investment.
00:19:39 Understanding business and industry downturns is key. Examples: Nokia’s mistake with Apple, uncertain of Intel’s recovery.
00:24:15 Volatility is normal. Understand your investments.
00:26:19 Read a 10K, subscribe, review, invest safely.

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