Noah Kagan on Building Million-Dollar Ventures with Zero Experience

We are excited to have Noah Kagan, author of the Million Dollar Weekend to our show. Noah has been a huge influence on both Andrew and I over the years.

Noah is an entrepreneurial visionary who challenges traditional notions about what it takes to start a business. Contrary to popular belief, he asserts that neither an Ivy League education nor substantial funds are prerequisites for success. With a skeptical view on the need for a formal education or extensive courses to launch a venture,

Noah advocates the entrepreneurial path as the ultimate investment. He believes in the potential for unlimited returns, making it an opportunity that transcends conventional investments. Noah’s journey and insights offer a fresh perspective to beginners eager to step into the world of business without the constraints of conventional wisdom.

00:00 Invest capital, start business, make significant sales.
05:48 Focus on action, ask for what you want.
08:28 Solving problems leads to business opportunities.
12:14 Investing for the long term mindset success.
15:46 Stick with building software, service for 100 days.
17:45 Neighbors reject business idea, reflect on skills.
20:30 Search docusign emails, talk to contacts, simplify.
25:25 Compounded momentum in business, longevity needs acknowledgment.
28:04 Instagram showcases idealized lives, but hides struggles.
32:31 Rejection and failures are learning opportunities.
35:44 Overcoming fear of rejection leads to growth.
38:56 “Start small, build courage, gain confidence, succeed.”
40:48 Invest wisely, pursue happiness, change generational cycles.
46:21 Noah’s book inspired successful entrepreneur journey.
47:07 Noah, thanks for your valuable, inspiring message.

You can find more about Noah including his wonderful book here:

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