Every link on this page has contributed towards my own growth, and so I only include the following resources. I believe each will truly help you learn to succeed in the stock market.

Researching Stocks

The SEC Website: Annual Reports
Stock Screener: finviz.com
Financial Metrics: quickfs.net

Recommended Investment Accounts

Individual brokerage account
: Taxable, not used for retirement. Deposit as much as you want, withdraw whenever.
Traditional IRA: Contributions are pre-tax. Used for retirement, early withdrawals come with fees.
Roth IRA: You can only contribute with post-tax money, but are never taxed on capital gains or dividend income. Early withdrawals also have fees but with some exceptions.

As far as brokers go, you really can’t go wrong with either of these 3 big names: Fidelity, Charles Schwab, and Merrill Edge. Either I or podcast co-host Dave Ahern have personally used each of these, and are very satisfied with their superior service and reliability compared to competitors.

Recommended Reading

I ranked my favorite books from this list in my 8 Top Investing Books post.
The book that outlines the beginning formulation of my investing strategy: Value Trap Indicator

Recommended Products

Investing Newsletter: The Sather Research eLetter
–VTI scores with each monthly stock buy recommendation
–Real money portfolio tracking progress vs. S&P and towards $1 million
–Dividend Fortress segment for very long term dividend growth stocks

Investing Spreadsheet: Value Trap Indicator
–Formulated from past bankruptcy data
–Includes full spreadsheets from 30 past bankruptcies
–Editable for buy/sell signals for today’s stocks

For more courses, spreadsheets, and newsletters: IFB Products

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