A Free Calculator to Help You Calculate Your Dollar Cost Average Investments!

One of the most beautiful things about dollar cost averaging (or ratable lump sum investing as I call it) is that you’re buying on a predetermined timeline. The downside of this is that it can make it extremely tough to track your actual cost basis, however…and that’s why I made a free calculator to help! […]

Bitcoin, Gold, Stocks, or I-Bonds – What is the Best Hedge Against Inflation?

More often than not, inflation is something that isn’t that pertinent to the everyday person, but that’s not the world that we currently live in. When inflation nearly reached 10% in any year, it’s completely valid to freak out a little bit and start looking for the best hedge against inflation. Key Takeaways: Inflation is […]

The Practical, Ideal Holding Period for the Average Investor Explained

Warren Buffett once said, “our favorite holding period is forever”. But is that really true? Should investors plan to hold every stock they buy, forever? Can investors pick the stocks that beat the market, and hold them forever? How many stocks actually beat the market “forever”? These are all questions we will try to answer […]

Position Sizing for Beginners – The 3 Key Basics to Remember

Position sizing is something that’s discussed more in the trading world, but it’s just as important for the long term investor. Investors like to talk about diversification, and how holding 15-20 stocks seems to be optimal for outperformance. Position sizing becomes less clear when combined with dollar cost averaging (“DCA”). New investors may run into […]

Stock Pickers: 8 Vital Questions to Answer for Your Bottom Up Investing Approach

A bottom up investing approach is different from a top down strategy because it focuses on a business rather than the greater economic picture. Where bottom up investing can be superior to top down investing is in the fact that there are less moving pieces, and less chances of being wrong with your assumptions. To […]

Understanding How to Utilize an LLC for an Investment Property

If you decide to take your investments to the next level and consider real estate, you should really understand the ins and outs of starting an LLC. If you are like me, you started your investment career off small. You started a brokerage account and began to buy a small number of shares. You then […]

Why Diversification is Important in Investing (Timeless Principle)

Diversification is important in investing because you don’t want a single mistake to destroy your portfolio. Even the best investors (and businesses) make mistakes, it’s only human nature. Diversification spreads your risk, and lowers it. I’m sure you’ve heard the cliché that you can’t put all your eggs in one basket. This wisdom has been […]

Planning to Tax Loss Harvest? BEWARE of the Wash Sale Tax!

One thing that many investors will realize throughout their investing journey is that trading in and out of stocks can be extremely expensive due to the amount of taxes you’ll pay. To try to minimize that impact, they’ll try to tax loss harvest but if you do it incorrectly, you’re going to get crushed with […]

Easy Ways to Reduce Investment Risk and Still Make Money

Just because you are afraid of losing money doesn’t mean you should be investing now. Here are some easy tips to get a strong return and reduce investment risk. Just 20 years ago, it felt like the working class was focused on 401K plans and gaining interest in savings accounts. Now, with the new world […]