Jean-Marie Eveillard’s Investment Strategy and Roller Coaster Performance

Jean-Marie Eveillard was Morningstar’s International Stock Fund Manager of the Year in 2001. He grew Assets Under Management (AUM) to $100 billion with his flagship First Eagle Global Fund. His track record as a money manager has been incredible. But it hasn’t always been easy for Eveillard. In fact, after beating the market for 18 […]

8 Takeaways from All of Howard Marks’s Letters from 2022

This month, I took the time to read all 8 of Howard Marks’s letters to investors (memos) and summarize them for the average investor. Hopefully you find these lessons to be instructive, and that they make you a better investor. I also highly recommend reading these memos yourself—we’ve included the links at the end of […]

From Textiles to Tycoons: The Story of Berkshire Hathaway

Berkshire Hathaway is one of the world’s most renowned and successful companies, and its story is nothing short of legendary. Founded in 1839 as a textile manufacturer, the company struggled for years until Warren Buffett took over in 1965 and transformed it into a holding company with a portfolio of successful businesses. Over the decades, […]

Bruce Sherman’s Investment Strategy That Helped Him Beat the Market

From 1991 – 1995, Bruce Sherman achieved what some consider the holy grail of investing. Sherman beat the S&P 500 without taking on more volatility with the portfolio for Private Capital Management. Private Capital Management was ranked by Money Manager Review as the #1 value manager on a risk-adjusted basis over this 5-year period. The […]

Remembering Foster Friess, His Investment Strategy, and Net Worth

Foster Friess was the founder of The Brandywine Fund, a top performing mutual fund for decades. Friess was interviewed for the 1997 edition of Investment Gurus by Peter Tanous. In the book, it was revealed that in the 10 years since inception, The Brandywine Fund earned an average annualized return of 18.4% (by December 31, […]

Retire 42% Richer with Lower Management Fees!

The rise of exchange traded funds (ETF) have made the landscape of investment products much more competitive but there are still far too many investors out there paying inappropriately high management fees! Investment products with high management fees can have a detrimental impact on retirement returns as they will diminish the compounding effect of wealth. […]

How a Mean Reversion Strategy Can Take Advantage of Mispriced Stocks

A mean reversion strategy to the stock market can be applied in various ways. Investors can take advantage of mean reversion through value investing or a momentum-based trading strategy. Let’s take a look at mean reversion in this blog post – what it is and how it can be used with a technical analysis approach […]

Qais Zakaria: The Investor Who Outperformed the Market by 800%

A fund called the Nomad Investment Partnership had one of the greatest 13-year runs of all-time. Started by investors Nick Sleep and Qais Zakaria, Nomad went on to return 921.1%. Compared to their benchmark, the MSCI World Index, Nomad beat it by 800%+ (performance of 921.1% vs 116.9%). How did Sleep and “Zak” (Zakaria) do […]

Mature Stocks: Dead Money? Or Safe and Reliable Investments? (2 Examples)

Investors can have strong views about mature stocks; the reality is there are tangible pros and cons to these kinds of investments. In a nutshell, mature stocks refer to companies in the “maturation” phase of their life cycle with slower or saturated growth. Usually, they also have huge profits and size. Mature stocks tend to […]

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