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Getting Started for Beginners

I’ve created 3 easy guides to help you. These guides each have something to teach you about investing. I’ve provided links to the guides, along with a brief description.

I truly believe each guide is essential in its own way. I hope they provide so much value to you and your future.

1. The Practical Guide for Absolute Beginners

As stated, this guide was written assuming the reader knows absolutely nothing about investing. That’s a good thing, because you won’t have the limiting beliefs that would hinder your progress.

I share the key to investing, a strategy to help you attain true financial freedom, and an important action plan to managing your investments. You get a simple 3 step plan: pre-action, action, and post-action. This guide gives you a concise solution to quickly get started with everything you need.

2. 7 Steps to Understanding the Stock Market

I’ve developed the Investing for Beginners 101 guide to give those who know nothing about the stock market all the tools they need to make smart investing decisions. Easy to follow and full of value, I’ve created the course specifically for anyone of all ages to be able to understand, leaving out all the Wall Street jargon.

Young investors have such an advantage if they just start now, and I hope to motivate as many people as I can to follow this path to wealth.

1. Investing for Beginners 101: 7 Steps to Understanding the Stock Market
2. Step 2/7. How the Stock Market Works.
3. Step 3/7. The BEST Strategy and Buying your First Stock.
4. Step 4/7. P/E Ratio: How to Calculate the Most Widely Used Valuation.
5. Step 5/7. The Single Two Factors Most Correlated To Success.
6. Step 6/7. Cashing In With a Dividend Is a Necessity
7. Step 7/7. The Best Way to Avoid Risk, and Putting it all Together!!

I recommend following each step in order, as the steps build on each other. I also suggest working out examples on a piece of paper to completely learn each category. Take your time through the guide, this website isn’t going anywhere.

Hopefully this guide will literally pay dividends.

3. Guide: Value Investing for Beginners

Once you’ve gone through the first 2 guides, you’re ready to start mastering stock selection. There’s been extensive research and plenty of public track records that have shown that value investing is a superior strategy for investing.

The premise behind value investing is simple but its application can be very involved. Whether you find the material fascinating and become very passionate about this subject, or you simply want to get the basics and apply a passive approach– this guide will help you do that. It’s one of those things that changes the way you see the markets forever.

I’m sure you’ve heard of Warren Buffett. His partner Charlie Munger is a good friend and mentor to fund manager Li Lu, who is quoted as saying:

“There are few people that switch in between or get it [value investing] gradually.  They either get it right away of they don’t get it at all.”

Of course, Buffett and Munger are very well known as successful value investors, as are many other billionaire fund managers. This extensive guide covers the main principles such as diversification, dollar cost averaging, annual reports, fundamental analysis, intrinsic value and margin of safety. It also provides resources for a deeper pursuit.

Podcast/ Video Resources

If you’d rather learn through podcasts, I created these resources:
The Investing for Beginners Podcast
Top 15 Tips from Finacial Podcasts
8 Top Investing Podcasts to Become a Better Investor

investing 101

If you’d rather learn with videos, I’ve made these tutorials (links to articles).
VIDEO: How to Invest: Easy Examples with the P/E Ratio
VIDEO: How to Properly Analyze a Company

You’re in the right place. I once was in your shoes, with no clue where to start. Looking from the other side, this has been one of the most satisfying pursuits I’ve taken on. These 3 guides will help you get there too.