Investing Basics with Jeremy Schneider of Personal Finance Club – The Secret to Building Wealth

Welcome to a special episode of the Investing for Beginners Podcast. Today, we welcome our guest, Jeremy Schneider—an internet entrepreneur who turned his financial life around and now shares his wisdom through his venture, Personal Finance Club. From budgeting to diversifying investments, learn about Jeremy’s straightforward approach to successful investing. We delve into the importance […]

Publicly Traded Analog Semiconductor Industry Report: Autumn 2023 results

Latest Autumn earnings results of the Top 5 Publicly Traded Analog Semiconductor companies by Q/Q Revenues were mixed across the board, with some decreasing significantly while one remained almost flat in the July-September quarter, according to their latest earnings releases. Of the publicly traded Analog Semiconductor companies who released Autumn 2023 earnings results, two companies […]

Publicly Traded Life Sciences Industry Report: Autumn 2023 Results

Recent Autumn earnings showed that the Top 5 Publicly Traded Life Science tool companies by market cap decreased total revenues -4.37% YOY in the July – September Quarter, according to Latest Earnings Releases. Of the publicly traded Life Science tool companies who released earnings results, the following top 5 companies decreased revenues -4.37% YOY on average: Thermo Fisher, Danaher, Merck KGaA, […]

Find Quality Companies with Buffett’s $1 Retained Earnings Test

Buffett created a test every investor can use to find wonderful companies. Most refer to the test as “Buffett’s One Dollar Test,” which helps us find companies that generate continuing value creation. In today’s post, we will learn: Okay, let’s dive in and learn more about Buffett’s One Dollar Test. What is Warren Buffett’s One […]

IFB317: Listener Q&A – Navigating Market Turbulence with Long-Term Investments

From figuring out profitable business models to spreading investments across sectors, we’ve got it all covered in this episode. Get ready for some discussions on the importance of aligning your business goals with your passion and the value your business can contribute. We’ll also explore the passive approach of owning the entire stock market, strategies […]

IFB316: Sales to Capital Ratio: The Key Metric for Predicting Company Growth

In this episode of the Investing For Beginners Podcast, Dave and Andrew dive into the often overlooked metric, the sales to capital ratio. They discuss why investors should care about this ratio, its relation to capital efficiency and growth, and how it can help determine a company’s potential. They also provide examples of companies with […]

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