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7 Steps to Understanding the Stock Market

Also, I’ve developed the Investing for Beginners 101 guide to give those who know nothing about the stock market all the tools they need to make smart investing decisions. Easy to follow and full of value, I’ve created the course specifically for anyone of all ages to be able to understand, leaving out all the Wall Street jargon.

Young investors have such an advantage if they just start now, and I hope to motivate as many people as I can to follow this path to wealth.

1. Stock Market Basics: Why to Invest
2. Understanding How the Stock Market Works
3. Learning How to Invest in Stocks
4. Learn About Stocks With the P/E Ratio
5. Two Stock Market Factors To Trade On: P/B and P/S Ratios
6. Finding the Best Stocks for Beginners: Looking for Dividends and Growth
7. The Best Way to Avoid Risk and Putting it all Together!

I recommend following each step in order, as the steps build on each other. I also suggest working out examples on a piece of paper to completely learn each category. Take your time through the guide, this website isn’t going anywhere.

Hopefully this guide will literally pay dividends.

Podcast/ Video Resources

If you’d rather learn through podcasts, we’ve created these resources:

If you’d rather learn with videos, there’s also tutorials like these:

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Take Care, Susan W.

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