Economy 101: The Fed, Money Supply, Debt, Inflation, and Deflation

I am now a few years into my investing journey and while I feel like I have a pretty good grasp on what sort of quantitative and qualitative data I should be looking for in a company, it dawned on me that I don’t have as good of a grasp of just high-level economic data […]

Economics 101: Macro vs. Micro Economics

Understanding the basic concepts of economics is critical to making smart investment decisions both at the stock-picking level and also at the portfolio asset allocation level. There are two major fields of economics; microeconomics and macroeconomics, and the laws of supply and demand play a factor in both which we will discuss as well. Microeconomics […]

The Effects of Inflation and Its Role on the Economy and Your Money

We’re living in super uncertain times right now and if you’re anything like me, you’re likely wondering about how all of this coronavirus and stimulus responses will not only impact the country, but also yourself specifically.  One very likely outcome is that we might see some serious inflation and if so, what really are the […]

IFB151: Economy Basics Pt3 – Government Debt, Fiscal, and Trade Deficits

Announcer (00:00): You’re tuned in to the Investing for Beginners podcast. Finally, step by step premium investment guidance for beginners led by Andrew Sather and Dave Ahern. To decode industry jargon, silence crippling confusion and help you overcome emotions by looking at the numbers. Your path to financial freedom starts now. New Speaker (00:36): Welcome […]

IFB46: Back to the Basics Pt 4: Investing 101 and Compound Interest

This is part 4 of the 5 episode “Back to the Basics” series from The Investing for Beginners Podcast. Each episode covers the fundamentals of the stock market and investing to provide a solid foundation for those who are looking to compound their wealth over time. Here are the links to each of the episodes: Back […]

7 Insightful Keynes Quotes about Economics and the Stock Market

John Maynard Keynes was a British economist who really changed the thought process on macroeconomics over time, and as you might expect with any great mind, there are always going to be some great quotes to live by, so let’s checkout these 7 insightful Keynes Quotes! But first – who is John Maynard Keynes? Keynes […]

Top Financial Twitter Accounts to Follow for the ‘Roaring’ 2020s

If you’re like me, which I hope that you are not for your own sake, then you get most of your worldly information from Twitter.  For better or for worse, that also includes any investing information, so let me share my favorite top financial twitter accounts! I’ve previously talked about some awesome Instagram accounts, YouTube […]

Demystifying the ISP Industry: A Beginner’s Guide to Internet Service Providers

Understanding the ISP (Internet Service Provider) industry is crucial for investors. ISPs are the backbone of our digital world, connecting us to the internet and offering various online services. By studying the ISP industry, investors can make informed investment decisions. To invest in the ISP sector, knowing how ISPs operate, their services, and their market […]

Using a Checklist to Find Five-Tool Companies

“The trick in investing is just to sit there and watch pitch after pitch go by and wait for the right one in your sweet spot.” –Warren Buffett Warren Buffett is a big baseball fan, as am I, and he uses baseball analogies throughout his writings. He likens baseball to investing in the manner that […]

The Top Down Investing Strategy: Pros, Cons, Pitfalls, and a Hybrid Approach

Updated 5/5/2023 Fundamental investing can take two paths: “bottom up” or “top down.” One style of evaluating stocks is not better than the other. In fact, there are different types of both bottom up and top down investing within those main camps. And finally, there’s nothing stating that an investor needs to be either top […]

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