3 Essential Investing YouTube Channels For The Educated Investor

Have you ever googled for some good Investing YouTube Channels?  If not, you need to – but first, let me tell you which ones I prefer the most!

When I first decided to start investing it was like I got hit in the face with this overwhelming excitement to learn about the stock market.  Once I was explained the power of compound interest things just somewhat clicked in my brain. 

At that point, I had this insane craving for knowledge and I didn’t know how to find it. 

So, what did I do?  I acted like a millennial and took to learning in my own millennial fashion – Instagram accounts, podcasts and YouTube Investing Channels!

For me, the easiest way to learn is to listen or to visibly see something happen.  I am not great at learning by reading but if I can hear it or see it, I am much more likely to retain it. 

Below I have laid out my top 3 YouTube Investing Channels that can help you throughout your investing journey, regardless of how experienced, or inexperienced, that you might be!

Phil Town’s Rule #1 Investing

If you google ‘best YouTube Investing Channels’ then this one will probably pop up around the first spot, and it should! 

In general, the people that utilize YouTube and other similar platforms for learning are likely those that are new to investing, and I think that Phil Town really nails it with his Investing Channel. 

When you take a look at his channel, he has a very wide range of topics, but they’re applicable to all people in all types of situations.  I really relate with the types of content that he produces because it’s a good mix of investing and personal finance. 

Some of his video topics include:

  • How to live off one income
  • The best investing advice I ever got
  • 7 investing resources that I check every day
  • When to sell a stock
  • The risks and rewards of investing

Phil will put out a new video once/week and usually spend around 10-15 minutes explaining each topic, and I’ve found that he goes in depth just enough to make you knowledgeable on what he’s teaching but not so deep that your eyes will glaze over like when you’re learning chemistry in high school.  Seriously, check him out.

IFB Team

If you’d like an “over the shoulder” peek from experienced investors as they analyze different stocks, then you owe it to yourself to check out the IFB Team channel.

This great, beginner-focused channel has covered the investment approaches popularized by billionaires Peter Lynch, Warren Buffett, and Joel Greenblatt, with videos like these:

  • Peter Lynch’s First 10 Bagger and the Lessons Behind It
  • Using the Warren Buffett Formula to Analyze the FANG Stocks

The channel also includes detailed guides on how to use popular, free investing tools such as Google Sheets (to auto-track stock prices), Finviz, and even the (sometimes) confusing financial statements by public corporations that are required to be freely posted on the SEC website.

There’s a good wealth of videos with some controversial takes on popular topics in investing and the stock market…

  • Don’t Buy IPO Stocks!!
  • Stock Spinoffs Can = FAST Gains. Here’s Why.

And the team has had prominent guests on their podcast, which they post as video clips from notable investors like:

  • Marin Katusa
  • Andrew Wilkinson
  • Braden Dennis
  • Andrew Sather

The common theme with the videos on this channel is that they are packed with substance, and are valuable educational resources that are explained from the heart of a teacher who really wants to see you succeed.

Zacks Investment News

Chances are, if you’ve been investing for a little while or if you’re somewhat of an active investor, then you’ve likely heard of Zacks before. 

Zacks is a great website and I personally use their stock screener very frequently and to be honest, I didn’t even realize that they had an investing YouTube channel until recently.  

Once I finally stumbled upon it, however, I felt like I had struck gold. 

Their YouTube channel has a ton of great information that is much more specific to the more active investor, as I mentioned.  They don’t cover the basics nearly as much as the two podcasts that I’ve already talked about, but they really will go more in depth about specific things that are going on in the market and various industrial trends that you might be seeing. 

For instance, some topics that you might see include:

  • Are we in an Earnings Recession?
  • Why Homebuilders ETFs are Rising
  • Top Stock Picks for the Week of X
  • Netflix Q3 Earnings Preview
  • A Recession by Invitation

If you read some of these various video titles and thought to yourself, “Andy, these really sound more like trading titles rather than value investing”. 

Guess what?  I don’t disagree with you. 

I am absolutely a value-investor, but I still think that I can learn a lot from listening to some of these traders and what they have to say about things that are going on with certain markets, industries, companies, etc. 

I think there’s a very fine line between staying knowledgeable about what is going on in the world and becoming overconsumed in the investing world news and letting it drive your investment decisions.

For instance, the video that highlights the top stock picks of the week are very exciting for me not because I am going to instantly go invest in those companies, but because it might shed some light on some new companies that I haven’t yet heard of or looked into before.

All in all, I think all three of these channels are great and they all serve their own purpose.  Personally, I still will check out Phil Town’s channel just for refresher courses and because I think his content is amazing, even if I feel like I know the topic that he’s talking about very well. 

I challenge you to find out where you are in your investing career, figure out what you need and continue to find ways to keep growing your breadth of investing knowledge!

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