The Best Investing Instagram Accounts to Follow for Tips and Advice

I recently wrote a post about learning how to invest from different YouTube channels because if you’re anything like me, then you’re likely a visual learner.  Learning is great, but when you’re first getting started doing anything that’s new, you need to stay motivated if you want to stick with it, and I think these 5 Investing Instagram Accounts are the perfect tools to keep you focused on your investing journey!

1 – Save to Invest – @savetoinvest

This is easily the #1 for me.  The way that I get focused and motivated is with the cold hard facts!  Quotes are great tools to help me learn about something, or sometimes they will have some humor that really hits the point home, but nothing gets me more motivated than seeing tangible changes. 

For instance, take a look at this infographic from the savetoinvest page:


That’s such a simple picture, quick to read and just a simple reminder for you to make sure you’re investing as much as you can to help your future.  Seeing things like this are what will keep me from buying that $3 Starbucks coffee every day. 

Maybe that $3 Starbucks coffee is what you need to keep you excited about the day and it brings you a ton of joy.  If so, buy it!  But for me, I don’t get that joy – I almost get it just because, and that’s exactly the type of purchase that I won’t make when I get motivated from this Instagram account.

2 – Investing for Beginners 101 – @e.investingforbeginners

Personal finance and investing depends on having the right behaviors, and what better way to get your behaviors right than with some healthy inspiration to your feed.

This page gives you more than your standard investing instagram post because there’s great wisdom and information in the captions, along with the fantastic infographics and quote pictures posted by the account.

Investing for Beginners 101 is special because there’s information that’s focused on the specifics of stocks to really help you with the market…

While also including the valuable tips and reminders to keep you on the path to financial freedom as you go about your daily life.

If you’re looking for the best advice, and you only could pick 1 account to follow…

Make it this one.

3 – The Finance Bar – @thefinancebar

I like this page because it is more of a personal challenge to get out there and improve yourself than some of the other pages.  A lot of Instagram accounts are just memes or infographics, which are great, but just as you want a diverse portfolio with investing you also want to make sure that the Instagram accounts that you follow are diverse in what they’re doing for you! 

For instance, one post that they have that really stuck out to me was this one:

Obvious, right?  Well, yeah, but how many of you have ever lied about your budget?  I know for a fact that I have. 

For instance, maybe I had a $300 car expense that I wasn’t planning but that was “just a one-time thing” so I didn’t include that because it wasn’t a normal expense.  Or maybe you decided to buy $600 of clothes for the entire year rather than spending $50/month on clothes, so you don’t have to include that since you were just getting ahead, right? 


That money is still being spent now and if it’s on a credit card it better also be paid now.  This is just a simple reminder for you to not rob yourself of your budgeting process. 

As soon as you do that, the budgeting integrity is now out the window and you’re really not budgeting anymore, you’re just cooking the books!  This is just one of many examples that the finance bar will post!

4 – Bkfuniversity – @bkfuniversity

Ok, we’ve had enough serious investing Instagram accounts, time to look at some fun ones!  One of my favorites is bkfuniversity.  They are always posting some great things that really make you think and also are very likely to bring a smile to your face. 

One of my favorite recent posts is this one below:

Does that sound familiar at all?  Maybe it’s not you but your spouse, friend, parent, or anyone that you’ve ever shopped with before! Not trying to put Kohls on blast here, but does Kohls literally every sell thing that aren’t on sale? 

Or maybe you went to Men’s Wearhouse and got one of their “buy 1 suit, get 15 free” type of deals?  Except they don’t actually tell you that the 1 suit costs $1500.  “Sales” are one of the biggest BS words in America in my eyes.  Do sales occur? Yes, absolutely. 

When things are on sale should you go buy them?  If you need that item, then yes.  But, people so frequently will use a perceived “sale” as a time to stock up on a bunch of crap that they don’t need.  An example of this is Black Friday.  Just because that toaster is only $8 doesn’t mean you need to buy it if you already have a toaster. 

And guess what, if you don’t have a toaster already then you probably don’t need one – it’s a freaking toaster!  And that sale  just cost you $8.  Now that I’m thinking about it, maybe you shouldn’t follow this account…all it took was one picture for me to go off on a tangent lol.

5 – Arbitrage Andy – @arbitrage.andy

The last account that I recommend is Arbitrage Andy and it’s not because it shares my name, but because it’s just as hilarious as I am…sarcasm, folks! But really, I think this account is hilarious. 

Don’t believe me?

Maybe you’re not a sports fan or a nerd, both of which things I am, so I think this tweet exchange is simply hilarious.  I will say that this account is not for those that are unwilling to see a curse word or two – just being fully transparent so you know what you’re getting yourself into!

Just like anything nowadays with the technology that we have, you can accomplish many different needs on any certain social media platform, such as humor, motivation or knowledge – you just need to find the right accounts! 

I think that all of these accounts are great to follow, and I know that there are tons others as well, it just depends on what you might use!  Are you the type that really gets motivated off of quotes? 

Well, then maybe you should check out the Investing Quotes page to scratch that itch!  I bet you weren’t expecting that sixth one, were ya?  Just a little bonus ?

But really, start following some of these accounts on your Instagram page.  Doing so will allow you to randomly see these tidbits of information and that’s just going to help you keep it top of mind.  There’s not harm in doing so, but there could be a big benefit! 

Hell, you might even get a laugh or two out of it!

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