Yes, Acorns Found Money for My Friend, But I Have a Better Solution!

I recently had a friend tell me that Acorns found money for them and it really made me think about if it makes sense to use Acorns as an investing strategy in your process. So, can Acorns find money for you to invest as well? I won’t go too far into the weeds with Acorns […]

Handy Andy’s Lessons: How to Save $5000 In a Year!

Saving money might seem like an impossible task but I promise you, it’s not. It doesn’t require some insane sort of intelligence or some master plan to save a little bit of money and I am here to show you the way – let’s learn how to save $5000 in a year! $5000 might seem […]

Hey Andy – How Much Should I Save a Month?

Spend less than you earn.  Simple words to live by but not really anything that’s truly that helpful, you know?  Any person getting started on their financial freedom journey likely starts by asking, “how much should I save a month”.  Well, unfortunately for you, I have some bad news… I don’t know. Seriously, I really […]

Apps? Excel? NO – I need a PRINTABLE Budget Planner!

Let’s be real – Mint is a great app for budgeting but does it actually help you budget?  Personally, I got way more from being forced to track my expenses, so that’s why I want to share my printable budget planner! Are you the type of person that hates anything that has to do with […]

Avoid the Calories and Dollars with These Healthy Meal Plans on a Budget

Not going to lie – I have been super excited to write this blog post for quite some time so if at any point you notice that I am screaming then I AM SORRY!  Sorry.  I just get super passionate about eating healthy and showing people how they can save money, so why not combine […]

7 Easy & Cheap Grocery List Tips to Keep Your Budget on Track

While I am definitely saving money during the coronavirus, I am spending much, much more on my grocery list!  That’s not necessarily a bad thing though because my total food spending is going down since I am not eating out as much, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t actively target some cheap grocery list […]

A Free Calculator to Help Create Your Net Worth Statement

Do you know what your net worth is?  If not, don’t worry!  I am here to show you exactly how to create your own personal net worth statement. Bankrate defines it as “Net worth is the value of all assets, minus the total of all liabilities.”  In other words, it’s essentially your own person balance […]

I Need a Baby Budget? I Don’t Even Know the Cost of Diapers!

If you’re expecting a new addition to your family or maybe you’re in the process of starting to try for one, I have a name recommendation for you…’Expensive’.  Obviously, I am kidding, but man, children are NOT CHEAP!  Don’t worry, I’m here to tell you about my trials and tribulations and most importantly, tell you […]

What is the True Cost of a Home Gym?

Many of us right now are stuck at home, quarantined due to the coronavirus, and the only way that we can workout is if we go on a run outside or do bodyweight videos like Insanity.  Isn’t that so frustrating?  A home gym might sound it expensive but you’ll be surprised when you learn the […]