Want to Beat the Stock Market? Let’s Get Those Momentum Funds at Work!

Updated 1/22/2024 If you ask me, one of the biggest secrets to investors is the way that ETFs can be used to their benefit to increase their gains. Not only the normal ETFs that come to mind like SPY and VOO, but also some others like MTUM that track the MSCI USA Momentum Index. So […]

Global Equities Momentum (40y Track Record Outperforming the S&P 500)

Updated 10/12/2023 Did you get tired reading that title?  If so, I’m sorry – but I wanted you to know that this entire article is showing you how Global Equities Momentum (GEM) has absolutely dominated the S&P 500 over a 40-year period. I’ve been reading the book Dual Momentum Investing by Gary Antonacci. I’m finally […]

Nothing Kills Relative Momentum Like a Bunch of Bonds in Your Portfolio!

In these next few chapters of ‘Dual Momentum Investing’ by Gary Antonacci, we really start to key in on some of the fundamentals of momentum investing and why it works, specifically with a focus on Relative Momentum, and why bonds can absolutely ruin any potential gains that you’re seeking to gain.. I previously had talked […]

Your Behavioral Finance Tendencies are why Momentum Investing Works

If you’ve been following along with my posts lately, you know that I am getting in deep with understanding Momentum Investing because it really sparked my interest from a few podcasts that I listened to.  In the last few chapters of Dual Momentum Investing, Gary Antonacci, author of the book, tells us that Momentum Investing […]

Value Shmalue – Welcome to Dual Momentum Investing! (Ch. Review)

Lately I’ve been taking a deep dive momentum stocks and I have going down a major momentum stock rabbit hole since then, so I figured, why not do my next book review on momentum stocks?  Well, sure enough, if you Google “best momentum investing books” then ‘Dual Momentum Investing’ comes up, so let’s go with […]

What the Data Tells Us About Momentum Stocks: Are They Good Buys?

As a new investor, it can be really easy to get caught up into defining what sort of investor are you – growth? Value? Momentum? It can be confusing and all it does is add stress to the new investor but don’t worry, I’m here to decode the BS and breakdown if momentum stocks are […]

Examining Small Caps for Speculators

If you are a stock speculator, you believe you can outperform the market and markets are not efficient.  Regarding the subject of market efficiency, I am not a proponent of the efficient market hypothesis at the small-cap level because there simply isn’t the same number of investors looking at what the company is doing and […]

Trend Following for Beginners

Trend following is probably the single-most successful method I have used in stock speculation and it can be an easy strategy once the necessary research has been conducted.  I believe that our results in practically any endeavor in life are directly proportional to the amount of effort we are willing to expend.  Get ready for […]

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