The Key to Using the Rule of 25 to Plan Your Retirement Properly

As a young teenager, all you can think about is moving out of your parent’s house. Then as you hit your early twenties, it turns to finding a spouse and maybe starting a family. Then by the time you hit 30, your focus turns on your career and how you can make as much money […]

Useful Tricks to Form Good Money Habits into Natural Decisions

One thing is for certain, there are good money habits and there are bad. It seems like everyone has at least one bad habit (me included), but the key to a financially stable life is having more good money habits than bad ones. Good money habits are just like anything else in life. The more […]

How Much Should I Have Saved by 30? It’s Less Than You Think!

If you’re asking yourself “How much should I have saved by 30” then let me tell you this – you’re not alone. No, for real, you’re really not. I just turned 31 this month and I still question if I saved enough by 30. Now I ask if I’m saving enough by 31. And next […]

The Free App I Use to Find Local Gas Stations That Do Cash Back

With gas prices on the rise, you might be looking for relief at the pump. Rather than sift through long lists of gas stations that do cash back in your area, why not try an app that does it daily for you? I’m talking about an app called GetUpside. When you first sign up for […]

How to Stop Being Broke by Increasing Your Personal Cash Flow!

If I gave you three seconds to answer the question of, “what is your personal cash flow?”, could you answer? If you’re not able to immediately say “yes” then we might have an issue.  Do you find yourself asking a clarifying question on what exactly I might mean?  Do you just flat out not even […]

Reach FI Faster With The Seven BEST Compound Interest Investments!

If you’re familiar with personal finance then you likely understand compound interest, but do you actually know how to apply that knowledge into your FI journey? It’s hard to take book knowledge and turn it into street knowledge, so that’s why I am here to tell you the best compound interest investments! Before we get […]

Curious How Much Of Your Paycheck Should You Save? I Got You Covered!

One of the most controversial debates that occur in the Financial Independence Retire Early (FIRE) community are ones that are based on your savings rate. People debate numbers and methods that are all over the board so I’m here to cut through the nonsense and answer the question once and for all – how much […]

You Will Fail Trying to Get Rich Quick. I Promise.

One of the biggest mistakes that I see with new investors is that they start off with a mindset that they can get rich quick.  Sure, you might get lucky and hit it big with a couple stocks, but that’s not going to make you get rich quick. The question that I ask is – […]

Want to Retire Early? You Better Understand the Importance of Investments!

If you’re even thinking about retiring early, or really even retiring at all, then the importance of investments absolutely cannot be understated.  If you’re struggling to see how investing can play into your ability to retire early then don’t worry – I am here to help! I personally know people that have piles and piles […]

Retiring at 55? 9 Tangible Steps to Turn that Goal Into a Reality!

Are you pumped for this blog post? I hope so! I know that I am extremely pumped to write it and show you all about my plan for retiring at 55…or maybe even earlier! If you’re like most people and you want to instantly skip to the bottom the bottom of my post to find […]

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