Investing in a Duopoly Market – Value Play or Value Trap?

If you’re looking for a dominant company with a very strong competitive advantage, it might be easy to name a few different companies out loud, but another way to identify these different companies is to find those that are part of a duopoly market. If you do not know, a duopoly market is one where […]

Top 8 Indicators of Economic Development – 25 Years (U.S.)

It’s hard to understand the economy in general, because there’s so much data and it’s so often taken out of context. Let’s narrow down only the most important indicators of economic development with this post, and examine real data published by government agencies to get context on these metrics. I’ve found that this macroeconomic data […]

Election 2020: Effect of the Proposed Biden Corporate Tax to the Stock Market

As the election approaches, investors naturally grow nervous with the uncertainty. With Joe Biden’s promises to increase corporate taxes and capital gains taxes, investors wonder about the effect to the stock market as a whole, and whether they should sell ahead of the election. Because this is a financial website, I will not bring my […]

7 Insightful Keynes Quotes about Economics and the Stock Market

John Maynard Keynes was a British economist who really changed the thought process on macroeconomics over time, and as you might expect with any great mind, there are always going to be some great quotes to live by, so let’s checkout these 7 insightful Keynes Quotes! But first – who is John Maynard Keynes? Keynes […]

Markowitz Portfolio Theory Explained: What Creates Higher Returns

It’s been a hot debate in finance for decades. Can you make higher returns from the stock market with lower risk? Academic Harry Markowitz was one of the first with a theory to say “no”. Markowitz’s portfolio theory essentially concludes that beating the market requires taking more risk, and this risk eventually becomes quantified by […]

Is Crypto the Answer to U.S. Debt: A Beginner’s Guide to Currency

Bitcoin.  There, I bet I made you feel some type of way.  Maybe excited, triggered, happy, sad, something!  Bitcoin is a very common crypto and it made me wonder if crypto was the answer to U.S. debt – let’s take a look! Essentially, the thought process is that with the U.S. Debt continuing to increase […]

The Effects of Inflation and Its Role on the Economy and Your Money

We’re living in super uncertain times right now and if you’re anything like me, you’re likely wondering about how all of this coronavirus and stimulus responses will not only impact the country, but also yourself specifically.  One very likely outcome is that we might see some serious inflation and if so, what really are the […]

How Coronavirus Stimulus Could Cause Deflation Rather Than Inflation

When money is pumped into the economy, like it is right now with stimulus checks, it is oftentimes a question of how it will impact the inflationary rate in the country.  But have you thought about stimulus deflation?  It seems backwards – I am here to show you that it’s not! When you’re in the […]

The History of Economic Prosperity in the United States

The United States has a very long history of economic prosperity and it seems like most of those strong times occur right after a very scary market downturn like the tech bubble, the housing market bubble and potentially the coronavirus!  But to be quite honest, talking about how great America is really makes me really […]

Common Indicators of Rising Interest Rates and Its Impact on the Economy

How can you tell when interest rates might rise, and what impact would that have on our lives? There are some simple tools you can use to answer that question and be ahead of the curve. Interest rates have an incredible impact on our lives, from our mortgages or student loans, investments, or what we […]