Types of Inflation: Demand-Pull vs. Cost-Push Inflation

With inflation now running over 4% in the U.S. and other developed countries, investors are wondering how to classify the seriousness of the situation. As this article will discuss, the two main types of inflation are demand-pull inflation and cost-push inflation. Both demand-pull inflation and cost-push inflation are likely contributing to the economic environment we […]

Quotes about Inflation from Famous Investors – What We Can Learn

The most successful investors in the stock market probably know a thing or two about inflation. Of the many great quotes about inflation from these investors, perhaps no single quote sums it up better than this one from Charlie Munger: “I remember the $0.05 hamburger and a $0.40-per-hour minimum wage, so I’ve seen a tremendous […]

You see Austin Powers, I love GOLD! The taste, the smell, and the Gold ETF!

With all of this talk of stimulus talks being reignited, it makes me wonder if we’re about to experience some major inflation as a nation.  If so, one potential way that people will try to combat that is by investing in a previous metal such as gold.  So, with that being said, what would be […]

Inflation is Looming… Where Can Investors Hide?

With the inflation genie starting to make its way out of the bottle, it is time for investors to refresh themselves on which asset classes provide the most protection to rising prices. The recent June 2021 numbers out from the U.S. showed the consumer price index (CPI) climbing 5.4% year-over-year which was its largest gain […]

Making Sense of the Institutional Investors’ Influence on Real Estate

Updated: 9/21/2022 There are retail investors and institutional investors. Real estate, stocks, and bonds. And then you have mounting worries about the influence of institutional investors on real estate prices. To try and contextualize these, this post will break down the following [Click to Skip Ahead]: Why Are Institutional Investors Moving into RE? How Interest […]

Global Wealth, Money, Real Estate, Bond, and Stock Market Statistics

With so many trillions and billions of dollars changing hands around the world today, how can the average investor make sense of it all? Follow the money. The global wealth picture is hard to follow but easier to understand through some basic money and stock market statistics. As an investor I’m curious to the actual […]

Timeline of the Great Depression: Its Causes and How It Ended

Updated 4/28/2023 “History doesn’t repeat itself, but it often rhymes.” Mark Twain The Great Depression is one of the world’s greatest catastrophes, with repercussions that have echoed. Many are familiar with the term and know it is “bad.” But most are not familiar with the origins and the timeline of the Great Depression and how […]

Simple Stats: The Relationship Between Unemployment and the Stock Market

History can be a fantastic tool at providing perspective and understanding to the rapidly changing events around us. Investors are typically interested in how unemployment affects the stock market, as intuitively, high unemployment should lead to a lower stock market. Using some basic research and looking at simple headline statistics, we’ll find out here that […]

Investing in a Duopoly Market – Value Play or Value Trap?

If you’re looking for a dominant company with a very strong competitive advantage, it might be easy to name a few different companies out loud, but another way to identify these different companies is to find those that are part of a duopoly market. If you do not know, a duopoly market is one where […]

Election 2020: Effect of the Proposed Biden Corporate Tax to the Stock Market

As the election approaches, investors naturally grow nervous with the uncertainty. With Joe Biden’s promises to increase corporate taxes and capital gains taxes, investors wonder about the effect to the stock market as a whole, and whether they should sell ahead of the election. Because this is a financial website, I will not bring my […]

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