Saving on Gas for Your Car is Easy with These 2 Simple Tips!

With gas prices and inflation starting to get out of control in 2022, we could all use some simple tips for saving on gas with a car.

You can start saving on gas today with these tips, easily.

And you don’t even have to pluck down $30,000 on a new car to do it!

The two main ways to start saving on gas today involve:

  1. The way you buy gas
  2. The way you drive

Maybe the biggest way to save is when you buy gas. The truth is—gas stations are competing for your business every single day!

We need to use that to our advantage; here’s an easy thing you could do.

With a free app called GetUpside, you could start getting 10 cents or more cash back on every gallon of gas you purchase (sometimes more, sometimes less).

In fact, I’ve noticed that the higher gas prices in my area go, the more cash back I’m able to earn by using GetUpside.

The “catch” with GetUpside is that you might have to drive a few minutes out of your normal routine to visit the gas station offering you the most cash back at any given time.

Like I said, gas stations LIKE to lower their prices to get you to buy their gas, they just don’t always want to make that public! So they’ll offer discounts through apps like GetUpside, which the app receives and passes down to you through cash back.

The process with using GetUpside is simple:

  1. Open the app
  2. Look at the map and find the best cash back offer in your area.
  3. Claim the offer by pressing a button
  4. Drive to that gas station and press the “check-in” button on your app (or upload a picture of your receipt after purchase)
  5. Buy your gas with the credit card they have on file
  6. Get cash back to your account in a few days

Cashing out with GetUpside is easier than ever today too.

You can choose to link your bank account to the app easily with one of their secure financial partners which should link your online banking and get cash to your checking account quickly ($1 minimum).

Or, you can receive a gift card from many popular places (like today they have Starbucks, Target, Domino’s, Google Play, etc).

Again—for just a few extra minutes of your time when buying your regular gas, you can save on your gas expenses by getting that cash back and using it as you’d like.

Want to earn even more?

Start referring your friends to join the app, and you’ll earn 1 cent cash back per gallon on every gallon they purchase using the app, forever!

Not only do you get that long term stream of income, but GetUpside often offers one-time special bonuses when you refer a friend—whether that’s a huge 20-25 cents back per gallon for you and your friend, or the $2.22 bonus they’re currently offering (through Feb 20, 2022; usually they offer a bonus by the gallon).

Free cash for you and a buddy is pretty cool, and is easy for all to do.

To get you kickstarted, you can use my referral code “ANDREW6362” and get the cash back referral bonus offer for that month.

Not only do you have that 1 cent back on every gallon your friend buys, but any referrals they make will earn you a 0.5 cent cash back on every gallon your friend’s referrals ever buy using the app.

For the real ambitious cash back earners out there, you might be able to turn these gas purchases into serious savings for the gas you put into your car!

GetUpside also has other cash back opportunities…

Like getting cash back on certain grocery stores in your area who want your business, or a flurry of restaurants (at least in my area).

I’ve seen cash back offers up to as much as 45% by some restaurants at times; if you’re willing to be flexible on where you eat for dinner, you could earn back some serious coin just like you would filling up your tank.

To recap—you don’t have to spend on a lavish new car to save on gas.

You could simply do some smart shopping with your gas purchases, whether you want to go old school and drive around and look at signs, or simply download a free app like GetUpside to claim the best deals as they come up.

Tip #2—Drive Differently

This next idea might not get as much fanfare, but the way you drive can have a big impact on how often you end up having to buy gas at the pump.

In general, the higher the RPM and MPH you take your car, the more gas that will be used.

I hope it’s common sense that you shouldn’t be gunning your engine if your goal is saving on gas for your car.

You can also try some simple things like:

  • Take the highway instead of the side streets, if they’re not congested
  • Drive in the slow lane instead of the fast lane
  • Plan your errands beforehand to minimize driving
  • Take shorter road trips
  • Get a new job with a closer commute
  • Go inside the fast food restaurant instead of sitting in the drive through
  • Park away from congested traffic in a parking lot

Some of these might be more helpful to some people than others, and you will have to decide which tradeoffs make sense to you or are worth it.

Hopefully, one or all of these things can make a meaningful impact on how you’re able to save on gas expenses and better your financial future.

Cutting on expenses is a great first step to building wealth; here’s a few other outside-the-box ideas for doing that:

If you’re a driver for Uber or Lyft, this might be a great resource for you as well:

Good luck and be safe out there on them streets.

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