Everything you Need to Know: Traditional IRA Pros and Cons

Traditional IRA accounts don’t have to be utilized just for retirement funds. Check out Traditional IRA pros and cons to see if an account makes sense for you. As you work to enter the next big phase of your life, it’s sometimes easy to forget about planning for after your career, when you are just […]

What are the Best Types of IRA for My Retirement Goals?

When I first started investing, trying to understand all of the lingo and the complicated methods to do things was quite simply overwhelming. Retirement accounts are something that many of us have likely heard of, but chances are, we might have no idea what they even do and why they’re there. That’s the exact reason […]

How to Reduce Transportation Costs With 5 Basic & Practical Tips

After food and shelter, transportation costs can be one of the most significant daily expenses for people. We usually need it to get to our jobs, so it can be hard to save on it. So let’s look at how to reduce transportation costs through 5 basic tips. Even one of these could be a […]

Saving on Gas for Your Car is Easy with These 2 Simple Tips!

With gas prices and inflation starting to get out of control in 2022, we could all use some simple tips for saving on gas with a car. You can start saving on gas today with these tips, easily. And you don’t even have to pluck down $30,000 on a new car to do it! The […]

Ready, Set, GO RETIRE!

Preparing for retirement can seem like a daunting task, but the earlier you start, the more buffer that you provide to yourself.  On your mark, get set – GO RETIRE!   Does this sound like you? Age: 18-25 Married: Matter? Yep, but not for retirement Kids: Matter? Absolutely, but again, not for retirement Employed? Ok, kinda […]

99 Mind Blowing Money Facts [2022]

It’s just money…why do people get so up in arms about it? Well, you’re about to get 101 reasons why with these mind-blowing money facts! 1 – Average 401k balance by age: 2 – Less than 17% of high schoolers took a semester of personal finance 3 – 2 less states conducted personal finance than […]

What Cashing out a 401K can cost you

Need money now? Cashing out a 401K is an option, but not the first option you should consider when liquidating assets. All of us, at one point in time, have gone through a rough patch. Whether that be a mental, financial, or physical issue, we have all gone through something. What I want to focus […]

75 Motivational Saving Money Quotes to Power You Through 2022

Personal finance is something that requires a lot of hard work and dedication, and let’s be honest – when you’re first getting started, it’s so incredibly hard to find motivation. Let’s keep you on the right track with these 75 investing, motivational and saving money quotes! Investing 1 – “An investment in knowledge pays the […]

There are Several 401k Alternatives Available to You

Are you stressed about your company not offering a 401K retirement plan? Don’t worry, there are tons of 401k alternatives for you to choose from. There are many phases we go through as humans. The first thing we all think about is getting our driver’s license. Then it moves on to moving out of our […]

10 Healthy & Cheap Dinner Ideas Under $3/Plate!

One of the most frustrating things ever when looking for cheap dinner ideas is that people so clearly sacrifice the quality of their ingredients. Look, I get it – you’re trying to come up with ways to eat for cheap and if that’s what you have to do, it’s what you have to do. But […]