CSCO Dividend – Will its Rising Dividend Make it a Future Aristocrat?

Cisco (CSCO) implemented their first dividend back in April of 2011, which really isn’t that long ago if you really think about it.  Back then, the first annual CSCO dividend was $.24, a modest $.06/quarter.  Although it doesn’t sound like much, for a shareholder of a company that wasn’t receiving a dividend at all, it […]

Two Ways to Use the Retention Ratio Formula to Project Future Growth

Most companies find growth by retaining earnings (capital) in the business and reinvesting it for sustainable future returns. Using the retention ratio formula can help you project a company’s future growth potential by looking at how much the company can retain in the business. There are two main types of retention ratios which are used […]

Dividend Theory: For Big Tech, Dividends are a Moral Imperative

The theory of dividends has long been disputed. As interest rates have declined, dividends have become less attractive. As growth stocks have reigned supreme, dividends have taken the backseat. In today’s fast, high, and big tech world, we need to reconsider dividend theory. Shareholders need to push companies, like the big 4 tech companies, to […]

7 Compelling Arguments for Dividend Reinvestment vs a Payout in Cash

Is the income stream from dividend payouts the best part of dividend stocks? Not always. Taking that cash instead of reinvesting it leaves serious returns on the table. A good dividend reinvestment plan (also called DRIP) is vastly superior to taking a dividend payout as cash for most investors. It provides great levels of compound […]

Does Tesla Pay Dividends?

One question that I think is imperative that any investor knows the answer to is whether or not the company that they’re looking to invest in is going to pay them a dividend. This might seem like a rudimentary question to some people but I personally know some investors that don’t know it. So why […]

How to Find the ADR Dividend Tax Policy of a Company in Minutes

An ADR, or American Depositary Receipt, is a simple type of share that allows U.S. investors to invest in companies which are headquartered outside the U.S. But the taxes for these are anything but; for example the capital gains taxes for ADRs are different than the ADR dividend tax. How these tax rates affect you […]

How Compounding Dividends Make the “Secret Sauce” of the Stock Market

The sweetest source of returns in the stock market are compounding dividends. To generate serious wealth from investing, you need compound interest; and dividends provide you with the best of it. To understand this magic, you must understand the power of compound interest. Compound interest causes money to multiply. It’s like a tree. Notice how […]

Letter to My Future Self – Investing in the Next Bear Market (‘20 Lessons)

Dear Forgetful Andrew, It’s really hard to remember the details when too much time passes. So I’m writing to you now so that hopefully you don’t forget what’s most important when the next bear market comes around. We just exited through one of the fastest bear markets and recoveries that the stock market has ever […]

Qualified Dividends are Your Way to Minimize Tax on Reinvested Dividends!

Long story, short, the answer is yes – you are going to have to pay taxes on reinvested dividends. While there are a ton of advantages to having your portfolio set up for Dividend Reinvestment Plans, or DRIP, tax avoidance is unfortunately not one of them. But don’t be discouraged – if you buy and […]

IFB184: Boring Dividend Advice From A Boomer

Welcome to the Investing for Beginners Podcast. In today’s show we discuss a few diferent topics: How DRIP investing works The power of dividends over a long period Shareholder yield, the growth of share buybacks plus dividends For more insight like this into investing and stock selection for beginners, visit SUBSCRIBE TO THE SHOW Apple | Spotify | Google | Stitcher | Tunein […]