CSCO Dividend – Will its Rising Dividend Make it a Future Aristocrat?

Cisco (CSCO) implemented their first dividend back in April of 2011, which really isn’t that long ago if you really think about it.  Back then, the first annual CSCO dividend was $.24, a modest $.06/quarter.  Although it doesn’t sound like much, for a shareholder of a company that wasn’t receiving a dividend at all, it […]

Free Cash Flow Yield – Finding Gushing Cash Flow for Future Growth

Cash is king, and free cash flow acts as the engine’s oil. Determining free cash flow and its different uses remains a fantastic way to find great companies that grow into the future. Free cash flow yield remains an incredibly easy way to find those companies; some say it remains better than the price to […]

Dividend Reinvestment Calculator to Plan Your Expected Returns (Excel)

One of the most powerful forces behind building wealth in the stock market comes from the compounding effects of reinvested dividends. As investors, it’s important to know what to expect from those returns when planning for the future. This post will introduce a simple dividend reinvestment calculator to estimate how much return to expect from […]

What is a Good Dividend Yield?

Dividend (and dividend growth) investors have long debated what is a good dividend yield. How little yield is too little, and is a high yield always better? This post will dive into this debate to provide an answer to this question and why this is the answer. Click to jump to a section: If you’re […]

How to Find the ADR Dividend Tax Policy of a Company in Minutes

An ADR, or American Depositary Receipt, is a simple type of share that allows U.S. investors to invest in companies headquartered outside the U.S. But the taxes for these are anything but simple. For example, the capital gains taxes for ADRs are different than the ADR dividend tax. How these tax rates affect you will […]

Handy Andy’s Lessons – Starting a Dividend Portfolio

I’ve decided that I’m going to start a few “hot tip” type blogs and call them “Handy Andy’s Lessons.” This is likely to change because I kind of already hate the name, but oh well. The first topic that I want to write about is starting a dividend portfolio. This topic came to me after listening […]

Building a Dividend Growth Portfolio with Tomorrow’s Dividend Aristocrats

If you’ve ever listened to Andrew on the Investing for Beginners podcast then you know that he is the “DRIP King!” You might know this, but always wonder why. Well, let me show you the true power of having a high-performing dividend growth portfolio. Click to jump to a section: What is DRIP? In the […]

Two Ways to Use the Retention Ratio Formula to Project Future Growth

Most companies find growth by retaining earnings (capital) in the business and reinvesting it for sustainable future returns. Using the retention ratio formula can help you project a company’s future growth potential by looking at how much the company can retain in the business. There are two main types of retention ratios which are used […]

Dividend Theory: For Big Tech, Dividends are a Moral Imperative

The theory of dividends has long been disputed. As interest rates have declined, dividends have become less attractive. As growth stocks have reigned supreme, dividends have taken the backseat. In today’s fast, high, and big tech world, we need to reconsider dividend theory. Shareholders need to push companies, like the big 4 tech companies, to […]

7 Compelling Arguments for Dividend Reinvestment vs a Payout in Cash

Is the income stream from dividend payouts the best part of dividend stocks? Not always. Taking that cash instead of reinvesting it leaves serious returns on the table. A good dividend reinvestment plan (also called DRIP) is vastly superior to taking a dividend payout as cash for most investors. It provides great levels of compound […]

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